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  • thelodgehl. com - Lodge at Harrisburg Lake
    The Lodge at Harrisburg Lake is truly a rare mountain gem secluded in the middle of lush Adirondack valleys nature Once you arrive, you’ll quickly realize there is no point in heading to Lake George because you’ve got your own private lake Harrisburg with plenty to do and see
  • Dining at The Lodge
    Staying at The Lodge or in our chalets? We’d love for you to dine with us! We believe good food doesn’t have to be complicated So our mission is simple: to serve you delicious homemade, comfort food that highlights fresh and local ingredients
  • Biuletyn Polonijny wita rodaków - Polonia Montreal Kanada . . .
    Biuletyn Polonijny istnieje już 20 lat! Leży przede mną czterostronicowa publikacja na kartonowym papierze w kolorze żołtym z datą "kwiecień 1995" opatrzona tytułem na górze - "Biuletyn Polonijny"

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